Planning for a Tee-rific Retirement: How “Enough” by Paul Armson Can Help

July 19, 2023

As a Chartered Financial Planner at Rowley Turton, I’ve had the privilege of guiding clients towards a secure and fulfilling retirement. Recently, a new hobby unexpectedly sparked a fresh perspective on retirement planning for me.

Taking up golf has not only been an enjoyable pastime but has also ignited thoughts about the retirement lifestyle I envision.

In this blog, I want to encourage potential UK clients to think about their future retirement and how Paul Armson’s transformative book, “Enough,” can play a pivotal role in crafting a retirement plan that aligns with their dreams.

Dreaming of Retirement Greens:

As I navigate the lush fairways and challenging bunkers of various golf courses, I can’t help but be captivated by the endless possibilities that retirement could offer. With each swing of the club, I find myself daydreaming not only about the joy of playing golf in my retirement but also about embarking on a remarkable journey to experience some of the greatest golf courses in the world. From renowned courses in this country to exotic fairways abroad, retirement is a time when my passion for golf can truly take flight.

Reading articles about the greatest golf courses has fueled my imagination and created a bucket list of must-visit destinations. From the iconic St. Andrews in Scotland, and the stunning coastal courses of Pebble Beach in California, the world is a golfer’s oyster. While these dreams may seem ambitious, the key lies in building a robust financial strategy to make them a reality.

“Enough” – A Path to Financial Empowerment:

In my journey as a financial planner, I’ve come across various approaches to retirement planning. However, Paul Armson’s “Enough” stands out for its transformative insights. The book challenges traditional financial planning and places the individual’s goals and aspirations at the forefront. It encourages readers to ask the vital question: What does a fulfilling retirement look like for you?

Aligning Finances with Aspirations:

“Enough” teaches us that retirement planning should not be a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, it should be tailored to each individual’s passions and dreams. For me, golf has recently become a driving force in shaping my retirement plan. As a Chartered Financial Planner, I understand the importance of aligning finances with aspirations to create a roadmap to a fulfilling retirement.

Planning Your Tee-rific Retirement:

When considering your own retirement, think about the lifestyle you desire. Whether it’s golf, travel, pursuing hobbies, or spending quality time with loved ones, your vision should be at the heart of your financial plan. Paul Armson’s book encourages you to take control of your financial future, making decisions that resonate with your passions.

Seeking Professional Guidance:

As a financial planner, I understand the complexities of retirement planning. Crafting a comprehensive financial strategy involves assessing your current financial situation, identifying potential obstacles, and charting a course towards your goals. This is where I, as a Chartered Financial Planner at Rowley Turton, can help you navigate the path to financial empowerment.


Retirement should be an exciting chapter filled with possibilities and dreams fulfilled. As you contemplate your own future retirement, remember that it’s not just about the numbers; it’s about aligning your finances with your passions. Paul Armson’s “Enough” is a guide to financial empowerment, reminding us that retirement planning should be tailored to each individual’s vision. Whether it’s a life on the greens, travelling the world, or embracing new hobbies, your dreams can become a reality with a well-crafted financial plan.

As a Chartered Financial Planner with Rowley Turton, I am here to help you design a tee-rific retirement that reflects your unique aspirations and secures “Enough” for the lifestyle you deserve. Let’s tee off into the future together and turn your retirement dreams into a reality.

Free ‘Enough’ Book Offer:

Potential UK clients can request their free copy of the “Enough” book to begin their journey towards financial empowerment and a tee-rific retirement. Get in touch with me today to start planning for your exciting retirement on and off the golf course.


Best Regards

Scott Gallacher

Chartered Financial Planner, Rowley Turton