How we are paid

The value of financial planning vs the cost of financial planning

We strive to build long-term, mutually profitable relationships with all of our clients.

Naturally, we charge a fee for our services. However, we strongly believe that in return, we must deliver value to you as a client.

How you gain value will depend on your specific goals and objectives and will be discussed with you in our initial meetings. However, it may include:

  • Helping you enjoy a comfortable retirement without fear of running out of money
  • Achieving higher long-term investment returns than you would be able to on your own
  • Accessing competitively-priced financial products and plans
  • Seeing your tax liability reduced
  • Avoiding classic investor mistakes that would cost you money
  • Free up your precious time and take away the hassle and workload required to build, maintain and protect your wealth
  • Giving you clarity and peace of mind over your future

“When we first looked at Rowley Turton our first thought was to how much the service would cost. We were pleasantly surprised to find they charged very competitive rates backed up with a very personal service. The speed and transparency of their investment process is to be praised and recommended.”

Terry Redmond

Rowley Turton client since 2019

We asked our current clients which factor they consider to be the most important in their relationship with us, and this is what they told us:

“We had an initial discussion with Scott at our home in London where we explained our financial objectives and shared our financial situation (including a number of pension products) with him. Scott was very adept in constructing a financial plan for our retirement which we found easy to understand. He also guided us through the various investment options that were open to us in order to meet our aims. To date, all the advice we have been given has delivered the results we want from our portfolio. We would have no hesitation in referring Scott and the team as Independent Financial Advisors.”

Stephen Gill

Rowley Turton client since 2019

Our Fees

Following our initial discussion there is a cost for our further services should you decide to go ahead. The fees are always discussed and mutually agreed before proceeding, and depend on complexity, risk and degree of work involved.

Naturally we would not expect you to commit to these fees at the outset of our relationship with you without seeing the value that our bespoke financial planning can add to you; consequently your initial no-obligation meeting is always at our expense.

We charge for our services in the following way:


At our expense – no charge to you.


At our expense – no charge to you.


Our initial financial planning fee, typically £4,000, but agreed with you at outset.


The following fees normally apply only on monies brought under our management for the first time and are not chargeable on that money again even if it is later moved into different arrangements.

For lump sum investments, including pension contributions, a one-off fee that is a set percentage of the amount invested, typically 2%. (For example, on £250,000, this would be £5,000). However, any initial financial planning fee is normally offset against this 2% charge, e.g. on a £250,000 investment, you’d pay the £4,000 initial financial planning fee and an additional £1,000, i.e. £5,000 in total.

Please take note that for larger portfolios or substantial investments, we are open to agreeing to an initial fixed-fee arrangement. Typically, this fixed fee would be significantly lower than the standard 2% fee structure for larger portfolios. We believe in tailoring our services to best meet the needs of our clients, and larger portfolios often benefit from more cost-effective fee structures. Feel free to reach out to us to discuss this option and determine the most suitable fee arrangement for your unique financial situation.

For regular (e.g. monthly) investments, including pension contributions, no implementation fees usually are payable.

For insurance contracts, for example life assurance, we normally receive commission, the amount of which is set by the providing company and will be disclosed to you in writing.

Alternatively, we may agree on a set fee for a particular project.

Review and Ongoing Servicing

For our Wealth Management Service, we charge an annual fee (normally received monthly), typically 0.6% of the value of your investments. For example, on £250,000 this would be £1,500 a year. Unless agreed otherwise, the fee will apply to all funds and plans that we manage and review for you, not necessarily just those that we establish for you.

For insurance contracts, for example life assurance, we may receive ongoing commission, the amount of which is set by the providing company and will be disclosed to you in writing.

Alternatively, we may agree a set fee for our servicing arrangements.

Please note, most of our fees do not bear VAT – however we will inform you where this is not the case.

You can choose to pay our fees directly by cheque or bank transfer; in this case they will be payable on completion of our work and should be settled within 28 business days. However, most people however choose for fees to be deducted directly from a financial plan or policy. If you choose this option, it will reduce the amount left for investment and may, depending on your circumstances, have tax consequences. If you select this option, we will discuss the implications with you in advance.

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"Rowley Turton have provided decades of excellent trustworthy advice, first to my father, then to me and now to my children. I have recommended them to others in the past and would unhesitatingly do so again in the future."

Martin Sigrist

Rowley Turton client since 2015

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