Maximising Your Pension: Tips for Leicester Residents Approaching Retirement

May 22, 2024

As you near retirement, securing a stable financial future becomes crucial. For residents of Leicester, understanding how to maximise your pension can significantly enhance your retirement years. Here are some essential tips to help you make the most of your pension savings, with expert insights from Rowley Turton (IFA) Ltd.

1. Start Early and Increase Contributions

One of the most effective ways to maximise your pension is to start contributing as early as possible. The power of compound interest means that even small, regular contributions can grow substantially over time. If you’re close to retirement and haven’t started early, it’s not too late to increase your contributions.

Tip: Consider using online pension calculators to see how increasing your contributions can impact your retirement savings. Websites like MoneyHelper offer useful tools for this.

2. Take Advantage of Employer Contributions

Many employers offer to match your pension contributions up to a certain percentage. This is essentially free money towards your retirement savings, so make sure you’re contributing enough to get the full employer match.

Tip: Check with your HR department to understand your employer’s pension contribution policy and adjust your contributions accordingly.

3. Diversify Your Investments

A diversified investment portfolio can help reduce risk and improve returns. Consider a mix of equities, bonds, and other investment vehicles. The right balance will depend on your risk tolerance and retirement timeline.

Expert Insight: “Diversification is key to managing risk and ensuring steady growth of your retirement funds,” says Martin Stanley, Chartered Financial Planner at Rowley Turton (IFA) Ltd. “We work closely with our clients to create a balanced investment strategy tailored to their specific needs.”

4. Maximise Tax Relief

Contributing to your pension plan offers tax relief, which can boost your savings. The UK government provides tax relief on pension contributions up to a certain limit, making it an efficient way to save for retirement.

Tip: Ensure you’re taking full advantage of the available tax relief by consulting with a financial adviser or using resources from HMRC.

5. Consider Pension Consolidation

If you have multiple pension pots, consolidating them can make it easier to manage your retirement savings and potentially reduce fees. However, it’s essential to carefully consider the pros and cons of consolidation.

Tip: Before consolidating, seek advice from a pension expert to understand any potential penalties or benefits. The Pensions Advisory Service offers free guidance on this topic.

6. Plan for State Pension

Your state pension will form a crucial part of your retirement income. Ensure you know how much you’re entitled to and at what age you can start claiming it. This can help you plan how much additional savings you’ll need.

Tip: Use the Check your State Pension forecast tool on the UK government’s website to get an estimate of your state pension.

7. Stay Informed and Review Regularly

The rules and opportunities around pensions can change, so it’s essential to stay informed. Regularly review your pension plan and adjust your contributions and investment strategy as needed.

Tip: Set a reminder to review your pension plan annually and make any necessary adjustments. Attending local financial planning workshops and seminars in Leicester can also keep you updated on the latest advice and strategies.


Maximising your pension requires a proactive approach and regular review of your financial plans. By starting early, taking advantage of employer contributions, diversifying investments, and staying informed, Leicester residents can secure a comfortable and financially stable retirement.

For more personalised advice, consider consulting with Rowley Turton (IFA) Ltd. Our team, including Chartered Financial Planner Martin Stanley, understands Leicester’s specific needs and opportunities. This tailored guidance can make a significant difference in achieving your retirement goals.

For further information, contact us to schedule a consultation. Let us help you make the most of your retirement savings and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with expert financial planning.