3 ways to enjoy the ultimate staycation

May 27, 2020

Let’s be honest; 2020 has not been anyone’s year. And nothing has soured the public mood more than when we were all told that our dream summer holidays may not happen this year. With lockdown in full swing, we have all found ourselves spending more and more time confined to our own gardens, enjoying the British sun, and picturing ourselves sunbathing on an exotic beach somewhere far away.

But in the meantime, we have come up with a few ways to lighten the mood, enjoy the weather, and have some much-needed relaxation time without having to leave your home. Here are three inventive ways to enjoy the ultimate staycation from your back garden.

1. Alfresco dining with an Outdoor Kitchen

With the longer and warmer days ahead of us, what better way to spend your evenings at home than with a summer barbecue and man-made outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens are the ultimate investment in your property, and you are guaranteed to get great use out of it, especially in the current global situation. Cooking outside is a great way to spend quality time with the family as you can all gather around the barbecue and socialise whilst you watch the food being prepared right in front of your eyes. Not only this, but most outdoor kitchens are complete with extra outside living space so that you can relax and enjoy your amazing new patio kitchen area. Creating your own outdoor kitchen will be time-consuming though. You will need a built-in grill, cabinets, lighting, fridge, sink area, and many other dining accessories. But once your outdoor kitchen is up and running, you will find that all that hard work was definitely worth it.

2. The tranquil retreat of a Shepherd’s Hut

Shepherd’s huts are becoming more and more popular for families in the UK to own nowadays. Whilst in the past it has been more common for middle-class families to own Shepherd’s huts, the current lockdown has given thousands of people the great idea of using a Shepherd’s hut as a well-earned getaway from their homes, into the small hut retreat located in the back garden. So why not follow in former prime minister David Cameron’s footsteps and invest in a Shepherd’s Hut for your family.

3. Barbecues whatever the weather with your own Barbecue Cabin

It is no secret that global warming is causing longer and warmer summers for us Brits, but the weather can still be pretty unpredictable. So why not ensure that you can enjoy a family barbecue every day of the year regardless of the season with a barbecue hut or cabin. As a great way to spark a little adventure into your everyday cooking, a barbecue hut allows you to reap all the benefits of a cookout you would have on holiday, from the comfort of your own home. Installing a barbecue hut in your garden is the perfect escape from the daily grind and allows you to have the ultimate dining experience with your family no matter the weather.

So there you have it. Three great ways to enjoy the ultimate staycation from your home during Covid-19.

Creating one of these ultimate staycations might not be cheap but if you’ve received a refund on a canceled summer holiday you might consider using that money towards it. Remember life is about living and, with no certainty about when the current crisis will fully end, whilst the ultimate staycation might not be an investment it could end up being something that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.

Finally, if you’re considering buying one of these ultimate staycations but you are worried about whether or not your financial plan will allow for it, please contact us (https://www.rowley-turton.local/contact-us) and we’ll be happy to crunch the numbers for you.