We’re open for business – with sensible precautions

July 21, 2021

Whilst the Covid restrictions have been lifted, we may have to live with Covid for some time.

Financial advice, and financial planning, is an important and valuable service.

Whether you are planning for your retirement, trying to arrange life assurance to protect your loved ones, or making your money work for you,  these are matters that cannot be neglected.

Throughout the pandemic, we have continued to advise and serve our clients. We embraced technology include Zoom meetings to enable us to do so remotely.

However, we understand that many people prefer face-to-face meetings. And, with the lifting of the Covid restrictions, we confirm we are happy to see clients (and new potential clients) face-to-face.

You can come and see us in our air-conditioned Leicester office (a god-send in the current hot weather). Or we can come and see you at your home.

Sensible precautions

However, to keep our clients and our staff safe, we will do so with the following sensible measures:

  • We will open windows to aid ventilation and, if seeing you at your home, we’d ask that you do the same.
  • We are happy to wear masks if you’d prefer us to do so, and you are free to wear your own mask.
  • All of our advisers have had both doses of the vaccine.
  • We will aim to maintain social distancing where possible.
  • Hand sanitizers are available and rooms are wiped in between meetings.

We would request that if you avoid face-to-face meetings if you have any Covid symptoms. Obviously, we would not take any F2F meetings if we had symptoms. In both cases, though we would naturally be happy to have a Zoom meeting in those circumstances.

We hope that you agree these are sensible measures we are taking. And, that these measures, will enable us to advise our clients whilst also reducing the risk for everyone.

Video meetings are still available

Of course, for those clients that would prefer it, or where distance might be a factor, we will still offer Zoom meetings as we have found that they are very convenient and many clients actually prefer them.

Naturally, if you need any more information on the above, or have any special circumstances we need to take into account, please contact us.