Graham and Kath

Planning for retirement


Graham and Kath first became clients of Rowley Turton more than 20 years ago.

They originally wanted some help finding Life Insurance cover but in more recent years, they’ve had help with their investments too.

Graham has worked in manual jobs his whole life and wanted to be sure his family would be taken care of if anything happened to him. When he finished working at Severn Trent and stopped paying into his pension scheme already paid into a pension scheme there but when I went self-employed Scott helped me set up a pension scheme.

In Graham’s words

We’ve been with Rowley Turton for more than 20 years. They’re a very friendly, easy to deal with company. Our advisers – David at first and then Scott – have always looked after our best interests. I’ve set up investments for all my family now and I paid into an insurance policy for many years, so that if anything happened to us, it would pay off the Inheritance Tax bill that would be due. That’s one of those things you don’t know to think about for yourself. You need someone knowledgeable to open your eyes to these things.

I worked all the way to my retirement at 59 and in hindsight, I wish I’d retired at 50 as I received an inheritance when my Mum passed away ten years ago but you never know how your life is going to pan out, do you? I’ve been retired 11 years now. I retired when I was 59 and my wife was 60. We’re enjoying our retirement – We go on a lot of cruises. Mainly the Caribbean, we’re on a world cruise in January. We’ve been out to Australia, all over the place.

Scott’s been very informative and he’s a lovely guy. We can ring him anytime and discuss things over the phone. Rowley Turton have always been great to us. Every so often, we get tickets for sporting events like tennis and cricket – we get strawberries and champagne at the event in the suite. It was very nice. They put on an outdoor theatre at Kilworth House and some other nice promotional things. We feel like Scott is interested in more about us than just our money. He’s on top of everything. In fact, he’s more of a friend than just an adviser. They’re a very good, on-the-ball company and very trustworthy.


We feel like Scott is interested in more about us than just our finances. He’s on top of everything. In fact, he’s more of a friend than just an adviser.”

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"Rowley Turton have provided decades of excellent trustworthy advice, first to my father, then to me and now to my children. I have recommended them to others in the past and would unhesitatingly do so again in the future."

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